Autumnal Love – My Favourite Makeup & Beauty Products at The Moment

Hello Bunnies, 

Autumn is here and isn’t it the most wonderful season??  Everything just becomes a little more warm and cosy – the colours, the clothes, the smells, urrrggghhhh I just love it all!!! Of course I cant go any further without mentioning Christmas, my most favourite time of year eeekkkkk – I’m impatiently waiting for November to arrive so I can go into proper full ‘Christmas mode’.  For the moment though, lets focus on the current season and a few of my makeup and beauty loves right now! 

1. Morphe 35O Palette 


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Tools of The Trade: Choosing the best make-up brushes for you


When it comes to a flawless face, its not just all about the make-up!!  Gorgeous make-up is as much about the tools you use as the products you apply.  Make-up brushes make all the difference when it comes to achieving perfect flawless application but with so many brands and different types of brushes on the market, its hard to decide which tools are the best for you.  I have to admit up until a few years ago I was one of those people who bought a cheap budget set with around 5 or 6 brushes and probably only ever used 2 of them because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  

There are so many considerations when taking the plunge and investing in a good set of brushes. How do you choose the best brushes for you??  What’s the difference between synthetic and natural brushes??  Below are some tips to get you started: View Post

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So apart from the news of Kanye’s plans to run for president (Seriously though…imagine Kim as the First Lady) and Nicki Minaj throwing some serious shade at Miley Cyrus, the VMAs had another big revelation – THE CAT EYE IS BACK!!! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!!

Quite a few stars rocked this look on the red carpet, each with a different take on the trend.  From smoky to sharp, wings were definitely having a moment!! This is my top 5 beauty looks from the night:

1. Taylor Swift


Two words – NAILED IT!!!

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Review: Zoeva Pure Glam Pigment – Sheer The Love

zoeva sheer the love

 Before i started my course at The Academy of Make-up I didn’t have a clue what the difference was between pressed and pure pigment eye shadows, so here’s a quick definition:

Highly concentrated loose coloured powder that ranges from subtle to ultra-intense effects depending on application.  Mix with eye shadow or use it on its own to intense effect.

 I am a huge fan of Zoeva brushes but prior to this purchase i had never actually used any make-up products.  As you can see from the colour swatch on my skin below, this colour is very intense but quite subtle – It adds a hint of glamour to any basic eye shadow or smoky eye look.

sheer the love swatch


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