My Make-up Hero: Pat McGrath feat Kim Kardashian


I am a massive fan of Pat McGrath so i just had to do a little post on her most recent collaboration with reality TV queen Kim Kardashian.  No matter what your thoughts are on Kim K, you cant deny she looks absolutely flawless!! LOVE THIS LOOK!!! 

The unique makeup was Pat’s modern interpretation of the 1963 film. She says “Elizabeth Taylor’s makeup in Cleopatra has been reenacted countless times, but for Kim I wanted to create a version that has never been done before, a futuristic 3D version,” she told the magazine. “I wanted to portray a luxurious decadence by using elements of ornate facial jewelry constructed into shapes that pay homage to Egyptian culture, and of course to the rich exotic character that Taylor played in this role.”









    Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic Cleopatra look




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