My Skincare Routine Now In My 30’s

Hello all my beautiful bunnies!!

Its been a wee while since I posted, so I thought I would kick off with an overview of my skincare routine and how its changed now I’m In my 30’s.  I can remember turning 30 like it was yesterday, I approached it with a jumble of feelings and there were certainly quite a few questions burning in my mind – Am I officially old?  Does this mean I’m an adult? Will everything start to sag/droop/wrinkle? – these were just a few of the thoughts I had in the midst of my 1/4 life crisis!! Now I’m officially ‘in my 30’s’ I can happily say that this is probably the happiest and most comfortable I have been in my life so far and most of the insecurities that plagued my teens and 20’s are pretty much gone.  When I look back at old photographs of myself, I thank God that I now have a more… shall we say….. ‘sophisticated’ understanding of fashion and make-up – lets just say more than a few ‘questionable’ choices were made in my younger years.

I love these brilliant illustrations, created by illustrator Jessica Saia and writer Cecilia Rabess which visually in an all-too-real way explain what the third decade is really like.


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