My Favourite Sheet Masks For Every Budget

Hello Bunnies, 

I hope you are all having a great weekend.

I’m pretty sure by now you have noticed that I rather enjoy a sheet mask – there have been many posts!! Truthfully my obsession is getting a little out of hand, but its a small price to pay for baby soft glowing skin, right??

If you are new to the world of sheet masks, let me give you a short overview.  These wonderful little miracle workers originated in South Korea, a nation with a fanatical devotion to skincare, they also introduced the world to BB Cream – so you could say they are beauty and skincare pioneers, where they lead, I will certainly follow!! 

What is a sheet mask? To put it plainly its a cloth or fibre sheet saturated in a potent mix of skin-loving ingredients that’s left over your face for up to 30 minutes, allowing your skin to soak up all the nutrients and goodness of the serum.  Upon removal of your mask, massage in any remaining product residue and bask in the gloriousness of your new silky fresh face – believe me you wont be disappointed.

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Jamie Genevieve Make-up Masterclass – Debenhams, Glasgow

Hello bunnies, 

I thought i would share a post on the Jamie Genevieve Make-up Masterclass i went along to in Debenhams, Glasgow.

For those of you not familiar with the goddess that is Jamie, she is a make-up artist, Instagram and Youtube sensation!  Honing her craft at Illamasqua in Debenhams in Glasgow, she started posting pictures of her make-up and tagging the brands she uses and now has 171,000 followers on her Instagram account. 

Look at that face of absolute make-up perfection - she is a total goddess!!

Look at that face of absolute make-up perfection – she is a total goddess!!

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