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Hello Bunnies,

Gone are the days of just going for an eyebrow thread and tint, ever since I discovered HD Brows, I haven’t looked back and I really wanted to do a review for others considering this.  Before trying out this treatment I was a bit afraid that it would look really harsh – a bit like a ‘scouse brow’ so I made sure I talked through the procedure with my beautician before taking the plunge.  All of my beauty needs are taken care of at The Beauty Store in Glasgow, I am a regular and have been going there for various treatments for the last 8 years.  My beautician Debbie probably knows more about me than my closest friends do 🙂 

The Beauty Store is based in the lovely Virginia Court in the city centre (there is also another store in the West End) and offers a huge selection of treatments at affordable prices – there is also often seasonal special offers, check out the website for more info.


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I’m normally there every 3-4 weeks for my brow treatment but I do book in for a treat such as a facial or a spray tan every other month.  I also work in the city centre so its really handy for a lunch time or post work appointment.  You can book online via the website which is really handy, I find this much easier than booking by phone – you also have the option to cancel your appointment if need be.  The booking system also stores your previous appointments which can be re-booked rather than having to search for your treatments and beautician from scratch.  

 What I love about HD Brows:

– Unlike other eyebrow treatments that use a ‘one shape fits all’ technique, your beautician will assess your face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for you.

– The HD Brows experience features tinting, waxing, threading and a range of brow products such as pencils and powders – any sparse areas can easily be filled in.

– The treatment lasts 35-40 mins so it does feel like a mini pamper session.

– Lasts longer than my normal thread and tint, I can usually wait around 4/5 weeks before having to book in again.

– HD Brows completely transform your face and make you feel great, they have changed my life!! 🙂 

Here are some pics of before and after my treatment:


I have two completely different eyebrows – the struggle is real, the right one is a complete nightmare but I’ve found with HD Brows I get a really even/sharp finish and colour, this is mainly due to the mixture of techniques used.

I would definitely recommend this treatment if you haven’t tried it yet and also The Beauty Store, I have been going there for years and the service is always first class.

Are there any beauty treatments that you cant live without, I’d love to know! 

I hope you enjoyed the review! 

Until next time,

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  1. I would love to try Hd brows however i am worried they will look too dark and shocking on me. Once they are on I wouldn’t be able to get them off. I do pencil mine in at the moment but i may take the plunge and try HD brows.

  2. I have my eyebrows threaded when I get around to it, but I’d not thought about having a more comprehensive treatment. Something to consider.

  3. I tried HD brows last year and I just didn’t think my brows looks as good as I had hoped. Looking at pictures of other peoples HD Brows I don’t think mine were done right, maybe time to change salon and try again!

    • I reckon finding a good beautician is like finding a good hairdresser! It takes time. I’ve been really lucky with the beauty store, I’ve had the same girl for years and I trust her completely. I think the thing with HD brow is, you don’t have to go mega dark, that was always my fear. X

  4. I use to get my eyebrows threaded all the time but have been a bit neglectful of late! I also struggle with now being a completely different shape from the other – maybe I will speak to my local salon and see what they think and give HD Brows ago. x

  5. Ohhhh I’d love to try HD brows, they look and sound great! I never really so very much with my eye brows, there’s a first time for everything though! 🙂

  6. My eyebrows are a mess after many years of over plucking as skinny brows were in when I was younger. I have always wanted to try this but was worried it would look to harsh , yours look lovely though and I think I may consider this xx

  7. I’d never considered brow treatments before, just use tweezers, but after seeing your before and after pics, they really look so tidy. Gosh, mine are a mess, maybe I’ll think about giving it a go! Sabrina xx

  8. Your brows look amazing! I’m always scared to let anyone else near my brows, but your HD brows are fab so I’m tempted to go research getting my own done x

  9. How much does it cost to get HD brows done, my eyebrows are a nightmare. I have dark eyebrows but the left one is quite gappy so they look quite different. I need to do them badly!

    • It’s costs me £30 for HD Brows, it is quite pricey but I do feel it last a little longer than my normal thread and tint plus I love the finish x

  10. I see these on others and like yours they look fab but I just think they’d look ridiculous on me im so fare and a red head. I do love the idea though of them tailoring to your face 🙂

  11. That eyebrows look amazing. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never been to any beauty salon but this seems to be rewarding and let other people do it.

  12. I’m more of a threading lady! I love getting my eyebrows threaded and this reminds me that I’m due a visit. Looks like you were pampered! 😉

  13. To be honest I never pamper myself. I just don’t get the time for it. The only thing I get done twice a year is a hair cut.

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