My Favourite Sheet Masks For Every Budget

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I’m pretty sure by now you have noticed that I rather enjoy a sheet mask – there have been many posts!! Truthfully my obsession is getting a little out of hand, but its a small price to pay for baby soft glowing skin, right??

If you are new to the world of sheet masks, let me give you a short overview.  These wonderful little miracle workers originated in South Korea, a nation with a fanatical devotion to skincare, they also introduced the world to BB Cream – so you could say they are beauty and skincare pioneers, where they lead, I will certainly follow!! 

What is a sheet mask? To put it plainly its a cloth or fibre sheet saturated in a potent mix of skin-loving ingredients that’s left over your face for up to 30 minutes, allowing your skin to soak up all the nutrients and goodness of the serum.  Upon removal of your mask, massage in any remaining product residue and bask in the gloriousness of your new silky fresh face – believe me you wont be disappointed.

You can use your sheet mask as the first step in your beauty regime or just as a treat on its own, I like to apply mine at night before bed, I feel that your skin gets more benefit from letting the serum soak in overnight.  

I have used quite a few different sheet masks so here are my three favourite to suit every budget:

Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Anti Ageing Sheet Mask – £4.99 from Superdrug


This mask includes ingredients such as Collagen, Elastin and Vitamin E which help revitalise the skin’s elasticity, tone and firmness. Helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. Skin appears smooth, firm and more youthful.

This mask is the cheapest of the three that I have tried and is a bargain at £4.99.  I have to admit I wasn’t really expecting much from it but was pleasantly surprised.  When applied I could feel a slight tingle to my skin and I left it on for around 20 mins.  My skin felt great afterwards, I could definitely see a freshness the next day and my makeup went on pretty flawlessly.  This is a great purse friendly sheet mask for those on a budget.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask – Pack of 4 £19.99 from Boots


This mask includes hyaluronic acid which is an important anti ageing nutrient providing the perfect solution to dry, dehydrated skin.  With each use your skin will feel softer, smoother, plumped and glowing.  The pack contains 4 masks which is great value and it saves you from having to go out and buy more, you are stocked up for a short while at least.  Indeed Labs also offer a huge range of other skincare products which can be used alongside your sheet masks.  

These where the first sheet masks I ever tried so they have a special place in my heart and are probably my favourite.  I especially love the addition of hyaluronic acid, it really does make all the difference – you will probably notice it is included in quite a lot of skincare products.  With 4 masks in each pack they are my star buy and definitely worth the investment.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask – £16 from



Now this mask is considered the ‘holy grail’ of sheet masks by many, I bought it recently and I have to say I was pretty overexcited to try it! The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask isnt just your average sheet mask, oh no, its so much more!! Yes people this is a foil mask!! What’s the difference I hear you say……… Well the clever clogs at Estee Lauder created this mask with an aluminium foil layer to prevent evaporation of the Advanced Night Repair Serum, meaning your skin soaks up all the goodness.  Each sheet mask immerses skin in a double dose of  my favourite moisture locking ingredient Hyaluronic Acid (*double the amount of their best selling Advanced Night Repair Serum).  I had to include a pic of me wearing this just for sheer comedy value, I look like the tin man!! 🙂 

I have to admit I loved using this mask, I felt like my skin really did soak up all of the product within the foil layer and I looked as fresh as a daisy the morning after.  This does come with a hefty price tag though, £16 is expensive for one mask but I think I would definitely indulge once in a while as a bit of a treat.

That concludes my short post about sheet masks, If you are looking to boost dull and tired skin or have fine lines/wrinkles that need a little extra plumping I’d highly recommend you trying out sheet masks – the results are pretty quick and you will definitely see and feel a difference in your skin.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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