Autumnal Love – My Favourite Makeup & Beauty Products at The Moment

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Autumn is here and isn’t it the most wonderful season??  Everything just becomes a little more warm and cosy – the colours, the clothes, the smells, urrrggghhhh I just love it all!!! Of course I cant go any further without mentioning Christmas, my most favourite time of year eeekkkkk – I’m impatiently waiting for November to arrive so I can go into proper full ‘Christmas mode’.  For the moment though, lets focus on the current season and a few of my makeup and beauty loves right now! 

1. Morphe 35O Palette 


Can we all take a moment to appreciate this absolute beauty of a palette and all its orange toned matte and sparkle glory – its a stunner isn’t it??!! The Morphe 35O palette is pretty much like an urban myth, its so hard to come by and regularly sells out in seconds, but if you manage to come across that magical ‘add to basket’ moment then DEFINITELY invest!! You need this in your life 🙂 Beauty Bay regularly re-stocks this and I would recommend signing up for their updates so you know exactly when it drops.   After many hours spent on the net like a woman possessed trying to find this, I managed to get one on Depop – I wont divulge exactly how much I paid for it, but lets just say I could have probably bought a small house 🙂 – totally worth every penny though.  The pigmentation of these shadows are superb, they blend like a dream and have great colour pay off – its pretty much the perfect autumnal palette.

Below is a look I done a few weeks ago using the Morphe palette and Sara Hill Glitter in Copper.


Morphe 35O Palette – £21 selected availability at Beauty Bay

2. theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter Powder – Gold

IMG_9299[1]As the song goes – Hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart, Sweet Mary Lou, I’m so in love with you, I knew Mary Lou, we’d never part…….

So I have to admit its taken me years to find a great highlighter that ticks all the boxes – I’ve gone through countless brands and for the most part I’ve found most highlighters are too shimmery, too frosty or just don’t suit my skin tone.  Enter Mary Lou Manizer by theBalm, the most gorgeous, creamy, glowy highlighter you will ever find – sweet Mary Lou, I’m so in love with you……. Ok enough of that, seriously though, this product is a great highlighter, its creamy and blends beautifully into the skin without looking like a big stripe of frosting on your cheek – we’ve all been there! I first came across this on a Jaclyn Hill tutorial and I’ve never looked back.  The colour of the pressed powder is gold but its a very subtle shade which I feel gives more of a natural, healthy glow and doesn’t the little compact have the most adorable packaging ever!! This highlighter normally retails for £17.50 and can be found in Superdrug, but you can snap this up for £14.40 from for a limited time.

3. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner


I am a former MAC Blacktrack fanatic so it takes something pretty special to tempt me away from my ‘go to’ gel liner! I can honestly say without any doubt that Maybelline Eye Studio is the best gel liner I have ever used.  The product is so soft and creamy and just seems to glide on the eyelid, its really easy to apply, has great colour pay off and definitely lasts the duration, to put it plainly, its AMAZEBALLS!!  I’ve also found even after having the pot for a while, it doesn’t dry out as much as I’ve experienced with other more expensive brands.  Its a total bargain at £7.99 and I normally get mine from Boots or Superdrug.

I have also included my brushes in this post because I know using gel eyeliner can be tricky and scares a lot of people, but I do believe having the right tools makes all the difference.  These are my two favourite brushes for applying eyeliner – the MAC 209 and the Zoeva 312 Detail Liner.  At first glance you probably wouldn’t associate the MAC 209 with applying liner, its not a traditional wing liner shaped brush.  I love this brush because its sturdy, I use this to apply liner to the curved part of the eyelid and I find it gives a really nice precise line.  Its not cheap at £16.50 but definitely a great investment. The Zoeva 312 is a great little brush for perfecting that winged cat eye look, the brush is angled and has very fine bristles making it really easy to apply product.  I have mentioned my love for Zoeva brushes in previous posts but I really cant recommend them enough, they are great quality, budget friendly brushes.  I got the Detail Liner as part of a brush set but you can buy this individually for £8.

4. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation


Nars Sheer Glow Foundation has been on my radar for ages but its never really been one of those products that I’ve felt I wanted to try.  I currently wear MAC Studio Fix Fluid and its been my favourite foundation for years, its great coverage and totally evens out my skin tone, I love everything about it! But whilst building my kit, I decided to invest in a few colours of the Sheer Glow Foundation, its great for bridal and works a treat on mature skin.  The name has always confused me as its not a sheer foundation, Its medium coverage and feels matte on the skin.  The best thing about this is the ‘glow’, it leaves the most gorgeous soft, satin finish on the skin, making you look as fresh as a daisy.  I kinda wanted to hate this product but its just gorgeous.  If your looking for a medium coverage foundation that isn’t as heavy as MAC, then this is a great option.  Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is priced £31 and can be bought online direct or from House of Fraser.

5. Autumn Eyes

inglot 86

petal_pusher mug

Makeup Geek – Petal Pusher

mac gingersnap eyeshadow

MAC Gingersnap


My ‘go to’ eye look at the moment is a combination of the shadows and pigment above, these three colours are just gorgeous when applied together and create the perfect Autumnal look. First I add Makeup Geek Petal Pusher to my lid and crease, this is a lovely matte rose colour.  Next I apply MAC Gingersnap to the lid, this is a sweet frosty rose colour and can be found on the Warm Neutrals Palette.  To add a little extra drama I apply my favourite Inglot Pigment in shade 86, this is a duo-chrome pigment so reflects beautifully in the light.  P.S Im also wearing Sheer Glow Foundation in the pic above 🙂 Links to all products are included in the text.

I hope you all enjoy reading the post, Id love to know about your favourite makeup and beauty products at the moment! 

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